Monday, December 3, 2007

Great times at Great Western

A grand day out for the huggermuggers and Old Lady Village Fete at the Great Western Studios. We were very well looked after, lots of soup, tea and a gas fire (thank you Adam). Also, lots of people smiling and sometimes laughing out loud at our stall. We're getting used to that.

Said goodbye to most of the huggermuggers (and all of the bobs) which was weird in a way; some of them have been around for nearly a year. Lovely to see so many kids of all ages, especially you, little-Montgomery-girl -whose -name -I've -forgotten who ran off and did this lovely picture of her bob for us.

If you bought a hugger or a bob this weekend, please think about sending us photos (or films) of anything you get up to so we can put them up on Flickr. Jpegs or mpegs most welcome.

Lots of love for the Old Lady's rooster egg cosies - if you'd like to know more about them, and where you can get some in the future - or any other Smith and Coates products (hats, scarves, tops etc.) get in touch with me for now and I'll forward your messages.

So.... what next (other than making some more huggermuggers, quick smart)? First thing, to get the web shop up and running - I just need to get some clear photos done and sort out how postage and packing works, then it's PayPal here we come.

Then (probably after Christmas) we're going to try and get some postcard and greeting card packs done, and think about doing t-shirts and bags.

Please, if you'd like to keep in touch with what we do, subscribe to the mailing list via the first page of the site - I haven't got the time to bombard you with information I promise....

That's it for now