Thursday, June 18, 2009

humanitarian hugger

so, unbelieveably we have news of green hat hugger who has been spreading the love in darfur on a un mission. very glad he had that hat on.

he spent some time with the local wildlife, obviously...

and, my favourite picture of all, tried to stay upright and lend a loop...

amazingly he reached us safely, for which (and much more)we have you to thank Nick Nick. x

Friday, April 24, 2009

what I HAVE been up to

so.... not many new huggermuggers around are there? my flickr sets are looking pretty much as they did after christmas, no? two main reasons for this..... the first is that i keep coming across things i want to make. a patchwork blanket for my mum's birthday - photos to follow another day which took me from December to this week and now....

well, we finally got a new car - in fact, it's a bit too new for me and needed the edges softened. hence the decoration above. so pleased with it. i've even been asked to make Radha one....

more importantly i've been spending most of my time in the fresh (sometimes very fresh) air with my third child (see below). tosca only has to look at me and i'm there, lead in hand, trying to avoid dog-guilt (like child-guilt but quieter)and keep her happy.

there may be more huggers one day - i think i need to get a few creations out of my system first. and tire the dog out.

back soon. x

Thursday, March 5, 2009

winter sun boy

what do we think - a skiier or a boarder? answers on a postcard to huggermugger central office please. at least his head was warm - just like those people with 'comedy' hats you see in the chair lift queue.

bobbin along in kyoto

crikey, look where the little bob got to - all the way to kyoto. it's a bit of a pilgrimage for him, visiting his ancestral home (google amigurumi for more details).

looks very happy in his new home - sayonara little pink eared bob and thank you to Vlad and family for getting him safely home.

looking ravishing at lake naivasha

looks quite pleased with herself doesn't she? and so she should, little long-stocking has made it to kenya and is now having a rest.
probably doesn't need her socks on, but glad to see she is being well looked after, Tanya honey.
well done - well travelled everyone.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Homeworks Workout

for anyone actually reading this blog (still not convinced you exist) and interested, the huggermuggers will be on display for two days next month.

we homeworks crew (can we really be a 'crew?', proabably not) are setting up shop in the twentieth century theatre on westbourne grove (that is deepest, darkest west london)from 12 - 9pm (blimey) on 14th November and 10-5 on 15th.

there will be many beautiful things that I personally would like for christmas available for sale, so if any of my family are reading this, please go.

a bientot

He's at the rodeo, actually.

big news from the other side of the pond. little go go huggermugger has been royally entertained by the good people of Kansas (mostly Tamala).
he has been taken to the rodeo where I'm told he was completely transfixed and didn't drink too much root beer. good. well done everyone, and isn't the kansas countryside lush? I blame that wizard of oz film, I was sure it was all sepia and full of tumbleweed - sorry Tamala, that must be so annoying.

there's no place like home.... there's no .... ok, I've stopped.

thank you armstrongs/ yakubus x