Monday, October 20, 2008

Homeworks Workout

for anyone actually reading this blog (still not convinced you exist) and interested, the huggermuggers will be on display for two days next month.

we homeworks crew (can we really be a 'crew?', proabably not) are setting up shop in the twentieth century theatre on westbourne grove (that is deepest, darkest west london)from 12 - 9pm (blimey) on 14th November and 10-5 on 15th.

there will be many beautiful things that I personally would like for christmas available for sale, so if any of my family are reading this, please go.

a bientot

He's at the rodeo, actually.

big news from the other side of the pond. little go go huggermugger has been royally entertained by the good people of Kansas (mostly Tamala).
he has been taken to the rodeo where I'm told he was completely transfixed and didn't drink too much root beer. good. well done everyone, and isn't the kansas countryside lush? I blame that wizard of oz film, I was sure it was all sepia and full of tumbleweed - sorry Tamala, that must be so annoying.

there's no place like home.... there's no .... ok, I've stopped.

thank you armstrongs/ yakubus x

Sunday, September 7, 2008

iKnit, youKnit, weKnit

another trip out for the huggers, along with the old lady (strangely re-branded as Smith and Coates these days), her egg cosies and new range of childrens' clothes. all made from felted (ie. shrunk in a hot wash) adult jumpers with embellishments lovingly hand crocheted and stitched.

our trip was made possible by the 'knitting guru' Fiona Bailey (in green above - yes, it's really her) she of knit and caboodle and the beautifully produced book 'Simply Knit....Hats', who kindly invited us to join her.

lots of lovely knitting on display - as the term iknit might suggest, we especially loved seeing so much british wool in evidence - John Arvon and Herdy being our particular favourites. Herdy are championing the much neglected Herdwick sheep and making modern, beautifully designed textiles, mugs and cards. what a relief. have a look -

next up Queen's Park Day - sunday 14th september.....come on sunshine.

Friday, September 5, 2008

not just jumpers in arran

let's face it, british holidays aren't really about the sun, and if you're made of wool they are of course perfect - no danger of overheating.

these two made it up to the beautiful isle of arran for a bit of a relax and had a lovely time with Bea and Mrs Booth. they seem to be getting on quite well, no?

a study in purple - and just look how he travelled....

thank you Booths, for really getting it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

she's going to Miami

lucky little hugger. only the second one ever made. she spent the first two years of her life languishing on the dresser waiting for me to send her to little eva (for whom she was made). within months of meeting the nutters she send me this; a snap of her lounging around, blinged up on palm beach.....

just what we expect from you, amigos. feeling the love.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

African nights

And so, our tale of wandering huggermuggers brings us to Abuja (that's in Nigeria), for a night of al fresco bench living and a trip to the local Sheraton - get her.

Apparently Miss Hippo loved it so much she might return one day(eh, Philly?).....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dipped in Honey Does Dubai

dubai - the land of sheiks, shopping and shisha. dipped in honey nipped over for a quick look around, just in case he fancied a move.

the opportunities for coffee and dining al fresco were good, if recently built.

it was especially good to catch up with some old friends, and the sun (who hadn't visited the UK for a while either).

squid, beegu and stripy bunny were all doing well in their new home - squid especially enjoying the pool and his new friends scary shark, big sister starfish
and baby starfish.

it's not a bad life. not quite north london but, hey, you can't have everything.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Huggermuggers in India

so ... two lucky huggermuggers have made it to India. A quick trip to the Taj Mahal in all its hazy splendour ....

followed by what looks like a nervous preparation for their ride home .... or are they just hugging each other with glee at being where they are?

many many thanks to Radha for showing them such a very good time .....

more travel snaps due soon as the huggers discover the world outside north west london

come back soon