Friday, April 24, 2009

what I HAVE been up to

so.... not many new huggermuggers around are there? my flickr sets are looking pretty much as they did after christmas, no? two main reasons for this..... the first is that i keep coming across things i want to make. a patchwork blanket for my mum's birthday - photos to follow another day which took me from December to this week and now....

well, we finally got a new car - in fact, it's a bit too new for me and needed the edges softened. hence the decoration above. so pleased with it. i've even been asked to make Radha one....

more importantly i've been spending most of my time in the fresh (sometimes very fresh) air with my third child (see below). tosca only has to look at me and i'm there, lead in hand, trying to avoid dog-guilt (like child-guilt but quieter)and keep her happy.

there may be more huggers one day - i think i need to get a few creations out of my system first. and tire the dog out.

back soon. x

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