Thursday, June 18, 2009

humanitarian hugger

so, unbelieveably we have news of green hat hugger who has been spreading the love in darfur on a un mission. very glad he had that hat on.

he spent some time with the local wildlife, obviously...

and, my favourite picture of all, tried to stay upright and lend a loop...

amazingly he reached us safely, for which (and much more)we have you to thank Nick Nick. x

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Kathryn said...

Clare, if I could bow over the internet I would - I was even saying to Emily yesterday how I wouldn't dream of achieving great things with amigurumi as I could never do anything as cool or perfectly-crocheted as you! When I first got interested in it I was sure it was what you did, so I actually found your blog. I don't know why you stopped, it's just brilliant. So funny. I think the little G & Em you made for their wedding is like the pinnacle of what can be achieved.

Anyway enough of that - I would love to come and draw Eliot and Orla. I haven't seen them since Em's wedding so they must look a little different now. Any time, let me know.

Hope you're all well and speak soon!

kp x x x